Chatbot creator platform technology

Chatbot Creator is a platform for creating Messenger chatbots. It contains original features that came out of market needs. This allows businesses to create chatbots in an easy and convenient way. Check out what is waiting for you within the platform right now and what’s ahead of you. Learn the history of Chatbot Creator.
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New Chatbot Inbox
  • all conversations with users in one place 

See all messages exchanged with users on Messenger in the new Chatbot Creator’s inbox. Use advanced filtering functions and get insights to improve your chatbot.  

Coming soon
Enhanced NLP Panel
  • better chatbot response rate and more adequate responses to users’ questions

The enriched NLP panel allows chatbots to understand your users even better. Soon you will be able to test it in your chatbot.

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Chatbot Creator grows with your needs. Let us know if you have an idea we can implement.

Chatbot Creator today

In Chatbot Creator you can create advanced solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Build a conversation path, test the effectiveness of messages and send push notifications to chatbot users. Check out the road that led us to today’s form of Chatbot Creator platform and what possibilities it can open for you.
First on the Market Multi-chatbot
  • All brand fan pages managed easily through a single chatbot

Manage all Facebook fan pages of your brand through one dedicated Multi-chatbot. Gain more time – let the chatbot send push messages to all fans using one structure and one user database.

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Extending the Chatbot Growth Module
  • effective and improved chatbot promotion

Set self-replies to Facebook comments. Use the links for promotion purposes. Generate QR codes in an easy way and lead users directly to your chatbot.

Creating a Chatbot Creator Competition Panel
  • fast and cost-effective competition organization

Create competitions in chatbot and manage all entries in a quick and convenient way. Customize the entries collection panel to fit your needs and gather data from users. Send automatic push notifications to participants on Messenger.

Improving Chatbot Creator Forms
  • effective collection of data from users

Get use of a more intuitive Chatbot Form. Use variables to group your chatbot’s users. Create customized consents and adjust them to the business needs.

New Security System and Consent Forms in the Chatbot
  • improved data security in the chatbot comply with GDPR

Create chatbots that comply with data security regulations. Use the acceptance gate. Automatically remove users from the chatbot database. Manage roles on the platform page and enhance the safety of important data.

Improving of the Push Notification Panel
  • automation of Messenger push messages on many levels

Simply set the rules of notifications sent to customers on Messenger. Create instant, scheduled, cyclic or event-triggered messages. Automate shipping and content you send to save time and effort.

Original Chatbot Analytics Dashboards Module
  • access to user behavior data in chatbot = business improvement

Analyze your customers’ paths and choices in the chatbot. Download statistical analytics reports easily. And thanks to that, meet your clients’ and business’ needs.

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