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Effective Contests in a Chatbot? 4 Types that Do the Job

Contests are a regular feature of marketing strategies. More and more companies are organizing them for their clients both in the online and outdoor world. However, the attention of the customers is more dispersed from year to year, and organizing contests using traditional methods is becoming increasingly difficult. How does chatbot respond to these challenges? Why is it worth organizing contests in it? What are the ideas tested by companies when it comes to contest marketing in chatbot?

How do Messenger contests in chatbots even work? 

Let’s follow the traditional process of organizing a contest by an agency or marketing department. It all starts with setting the marketing goal and a target group. Then you choose the type of the contest – a contest for a photo, video, voting, product code, details and prizes. You need a landing page for the contest, an excel where you collect the names of participants, their data and contest entries, an automated e-mail from which you send them notifications about the winnings. Your work is distributed over several tools and documents. For this you need the help of the IT department.

After the contest, all the effort you put into creating and arranging the contest goes to the trash. Landing page, contact database, communication…

And now, how does the same process work in a chatbot?

The first stages remain the same: goal, recipients, prizes, type of the contest. However, a lot changes afterwards. Firstly, the platform for creating chatbots offers the possibility to create a contest, manage it and immediately notify users of the results. All in one place.

You use a custom table where the works and data sent by participants in Messenger are saved automatically. This is the management centre of the contest, where you can view entries and mark the winners. You do not have to create lists and collect the entries separately. This saves time and reduces the number of unnecessary tools or documents.

In addition, contest marketing campaigns created in Chatbot Creator are adjusted to the GDPR rules. The platform allows you to add customized consent forms and age gates.

And best of all, after the contest, the entire solution can wait until the next edition, in which it will be used again with minor changes. Or it can stay alive and be included in regular communication with clients: answer the FAQ or build brand awareness.

From a participant’s perspective, chatbot makes it as easy as possible to join the contest. It is available continuously in one of the most popular communicators – Messenger. In order to take part in the contest, the user only has to find a brand profile on Messenger and click on it. In addition, they can find answers to the most important questions about the rules, prizes and products involved. This ensures a wider range of the contest and the return of the users. 

4 proven examples of contests in a chatbot

Many brands have used chatbot as a tool to organize contests. Why not take advantage of their experience and present specific examples of contest marketing ideas and their implementation? Some are really creative.  

1. Contest with QR code

QR codes leading to a chatbot is a great way to encourage users to engaging interaction with the company. They allow the world of offline marketing to be combined with the world of online brands at minimum cost. Companies use them at trade fairs, outdoor advertising or in stores to create lotteries, contests and games for their customers. By entertaining and providing added value, they attract new subscribers and committed brand fans.

Example: Desperados brand

A creative example of using QR codes was Desperados’ “Playable Bottle” campaign. After scanning the QR code on the beer bottle, customers were redirected to a chatbot on Messenger, combined with a music application. In this chatbot, users could compose their own music on an automatically assigned instrument. Or join other participants to form a band to create a full-size music mix.

In creating the songs together “members of the Desperados band” could be anywhere in the world because the application worked in real-time.

Desperados: Playable Bottle Messenger chatbot contest

2. Chatbot quiz

This is an interactive contest, where participants have to answer closed questions and choose one of the proposed answers. Quizzes in a chatbot are a new form of engaging content marketing. They can successfully replace another article about the appropriate product selection. After answering the questions, chatbot will tell users which one to choose. There are endless ideas for a quiz. Starting with: “Check what kind of cream is right for your skin” and “Test your knowledge about recycling”.

Example: Armani fashion brand

The chatbot quiz can also be used in all kinds of outdoor campaigns as Psycle did for the Armani brand during its own “immersive festival”.

The agency created installations using 360 video connected by special routes. At each stop, interactive screens were waiting for participants. This was complemented by a contest quiz in a chatbot with context questions synchronized with the watched content.  

Case study:

3. A contest with a code from under the cap, the lottery bot 

Due to the convenience of use, a chatbot is a tool often used by brands in various types of lotteries. The user can enter codes found on the organizer’s products from the Messenger level. And immediately after entering, find out if they won or lost.

Example: Coca Cola 

How did Coca Cola use the mechanism? It organized a contest using a chatbot and promotional codes placed on cans or promotional bottles. Fans discovered individual PIN codes under caps or rings. They then entered the code into the chatbot on Messenger and immediately found out about the result.

Contest case study:

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4. A photo or video contest in a chatbot

One of the most popular forms of a contest in social media. The formula is simple: the user sends a photo, possibly answers an additional question and takes part in the prize draw. This type of contest is often used by fashion brands.

Chatbot on Messenger makes the entire process easier. Firstly, it makes it easy for users to quickly add a photo or video. Straight from the camera on your phone and Messenger. Secondly, it allows organizers to manage their work and communicate with participants more easily.

In addition, they often use automatic hints under posts. The mechanism enables redirecting anyone who comments on a selected post on the brand’s Facebook fan page to a contest in a chatbot. 

Example: Orsay brand contest

In the Orsay brand contest, participants received a new theme of the contest photo every day. One of them was to present a woman who impressed them. Photos with a short description were sent through Messenger. Double sets of Orsay products were prepared for the winners, which they could share with a woman of their choice.

Why is it worth organizing contests in a chatbot?

Chatbot contests are a real game-changer for marketers. The solution implemented in many companies has resulted in more participants taking part in the game and returning to the chatbot. Why?

  • They are more easily accessible.
    Due to Messenger’s popularity, participants have easier access to the contest and are more willing to take part in it.
  • They are created in the same environment as a Facebook fan page.
    This is a good way to get more fans on social media profiles.
  • They make it easier to manage the contest.
    All the works and data are located in one panel in the chatbot structure. The organizer can easily view the submitted works, flag them, select the winners.
  • They provide an opportunity to communicate comfortably with participants.
    By using them, you will inform the participants about the winning or remind them that the contest is still ongoing. If you want, you can automate the process by sending push messages.
  • They are more cost-effective than e.g. a traditional landing page, which requires additional work of programmers and designers. To organize a chatbot contest on Messenger, all you need is a chatbot building tool such as Chatbot Creator and your own work. If you find the entire process to be overwhelming, there are people who will do it for you.
  • They don’t go to the trash after the contest ends.
    The chatbot can be used periodically or permanently. It can be suspended until the next edition of the contest or remain alive. Be included in the communication strategy, where it would respond to the FAQ or build brand awareness.

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