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Effective Chatbot Promotion. Tools and methods

The promotion of the chatbot is another important step toward squeezing the most out of it. Even if you created an amazing solution, tested to check whether it works (and it really does!), people need to know that it is out there waiting for them. I will show you how to achieve that. Let’s see the chatbot growth possibilities both in the online and the offline world.

This article will talk about:

  • how to promote your chatbot using your online media
  • what you should do to spice up the offline campaign of your chatbot
  • what Growth Tools you’ll find in Chatbot Creator platform, how they can help you in promoting your solution and how to use them

Chatbot promotion in the online world

Social media is a natural environment of chatbots. Why not use these channels to inform people about your solution?

By entering the world of Facebook you get many free options, thanks to which you can show how your chatbot works and what its possibilities are. Graphics, short videos, GIFs…the list is long. Place them on your fan page, use in Facebook Stories or Instastories wherever your customers are. You can fuel engagement day by day: make a social media campaign where each day people could discover a chatbot’s new function. 

When you already have people’s attention and they know about your chatbot, it’s important to guide them to it.

That’s where shortlinks appear.  

Shortlinks can be hidden in buttons, Insta Stories as “swipe ups”, in Facebook posts, newsletters.  shortlinks generator where you can not only create one and guide to a specific place in your chatbot structure but also check how many people reached your chatbot through the link is available in the Chatbot Creator platform.

How to create an link in the Chatbot Creator platform?

  1. Enter Growth Tool module in the Chatbot Creator platform → click “Add” button →  choose “”.
  2. Name your Growth Tool – the name appears only in the platform. 
  3. Determine how the link should look by adding a name at the end of it.
    For example, when you create a contest in chatbot it can look like this:
  4. Choose a block that should appear to the user after clicking your
  5. Copy the link and use it in materials.
  6. You can also add variables to users. That way you collect a group of people that entered by clicking shortlink under this specific variable. 
  7. Don’t forget to click “Add”!

*All Growth Tools work only after connecting your chatbot with Facebook

Shortlink may be also used on your company website. You can place it on ad banners or any online graphics. 

Another useful solution dedicated to social media promotion is auto-reply to the comment. This is an automated action on the part of your chatbot after detecting users activity under the chosen post. You set an autoreply inside of the bot making platform. 

How does it work? Let’s imagine a situation where you create a graphic that informs people about a contest in your chatbot and asks them whether they want to participate in it. Now, after setting auto-reply in the Chatbot Creator platform, the comments under the chosen post will get a private message with a response from your chatbot. 

How to set an auto-reply to the comment in Chatbot Creator?

  1. Name your auto-reply.
  2. Choose the post on your fan page to which you want to connect auto-reply to.  (to do this you have to be a fan page administrator).
  3. Choose whether the auto-reply should be sent to all users who comment on the post, or only to users who use a specific phrase, e.g. YES or I WANT. If you want the chatbot to respond to ALL comments don’t add any phrases here.
  4. Now set a chatbot text response that people receive after adding a comment under the post. It should encourage people to interact with it. For the contest in chatbot it can be:
    “Hi {{full_name}}*, to take part in our competition and win X, write yes in the message. I will tell you what to do next” 
  5. Choose what chatbot should do after the user response. It can either:
    – search for an answer in automatic replies;
    – send a specific block;
    – display a specific block if the user enters a specific phrase;
  6. Click “Add” to save your choices.

*In this specific message, you can use the {{full_name}} variable only. This variable automatically retrieves a user’s full name from Facebook

Chatbot promotion in the offline world 

You can use other offline promotional media like posters and graphics informing about your chatbot and encouraging the viewer to start a conversation with it, especially if you have a stationary salon or shop or you know places where you can reach your target groups (e.g. specific bars, museum etc.).

One of the most engaging and effective elements guiding people to the virtual assistant is the QR Code. You create it through the bot making platforms, download it and use it wherever you need to: in your outdoor campaign, on posters, interactive spaces. Of course, you can also use it in online graphics and Facebook Stories. The rest depends on your creativity. 


How to set the QR Code in Chatbot Creator?

  1. Name your code – again that’s the name that appears inside out bot making platform only.
  2. Choose the size of the code you need (in px) 
  3. Choose the block to which the user should be redirected after scanning*. 
  4. Click “download the QR code”, save the graphic and place it wherever you need it. 
  5. Click “add” to be sure your QR Code is saved.

*You can also save the variables to the user.

Measure, measure and measure again

I want to remind you how important it is to measure your promotion results. Whether you are just starting your chatbot adventure and want to bring people to your chatbot, or you already have subscribers and send them a promotional push. Track how many new users were attracted by your campaign and come back to your chatbot. 

Compare different promotional campaigns to know what works the best for your target group. 

All the tools that I showed you ( links, QR Codes, and autoreply to the comment) have built-in analytical metrics. So the system counts how many people have used the specific tool for you. That’s a great and irreplaceable help in analyzing your promotional campaigns. Test it by yourself and let us know how it worked out!

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