Discover All-In-One Chatbot Builder for Business

Imagine Creating, Managing and Analysing Messenger chatbots in one place. On a clear, visual interface. Without coding. Easier than you expect.
Chatbot Creator is a platform for creating Messenger chatbots. The SaaS model enables you to build chatbots conveniently. Without hardware installation. Without coding skills.
Connect one chatbot to multiple fanpages

Control your Facebook fanpages through a dedicated multichatbot. Get more time and let the chatbot send pushes to all fan pages using one structure and one user database

Powerfull Chatbot Forms

“Conversation Forms” – a smart way to collect information from users through Chatbots Conversations

Strict Data Validation

The system checks the entered data using ready-made templates such as email, date, number

Sent data

Receive all the data in one email

Webview generator

Create custom forms without coding

Manage the conversation flow with advanced conditions

Add carousel, buttons, and other variables to show best-suited responses for different languages and specific groups of users

Based on:
User variables
Cyclic events
Active competitions
Analytics Dashboards
Check how users use your chatbot. Analyze and get insights for your chatbot engagement
All-in-One Free Chatbot Builder Platform to Grow Your Business and Increase Engagement with Your Customers
Growth Tools

Create Widgets to grow your database. Use advanced analytics to track sources links
QR codes
Facebook autoreply comments
Simply set the rules

Use Chatbot Creator as a marketing automation tool to help you reach your goals. Develop different types of scenario trees and send push notifications. Create and organize automated communications to generate measurable results

Cyclic Subscriptions
Ad-hoc Messages
Open rates / CTR
Create your competition easily

Use Chatbot Creator as a tool to organize your contest on Messenger in 5 minutes.

Contest panel

Create your contest based on text, image, video or audio files or combined – where users submit both: text and other multimedia forms,

Tailored participants table

Collect users entries and data (f.e. emails) and manage all works in one place

Push notifications

Mark winners and notify them about victory within seconds using push messages

Additional features
RSS Feed
Send updates automatically. Copy and paste your RSS feeds to create content
Handover Protocol
Pause the bot and engage in one-to-one conversation
Tailor your responses based on the users' keywords
User Variables
Deliver personalized content based on multiple quick answers your chatbot remembers
Auto tagging
Automatically add variables (eg to utm_source) to all outgoing links
GPDR Support
Automatically remove user from database upon request
Age / Legal Check
Before any interaction with the chatbot, users must accept the regulations and confirm their age
Add your feature
Chatbot Creator grows with your needs. Let us know if you have an idea we can implement